Using my experience working with children and young people with complex and wide ranging needs , my five years experience of play and play work in various settings and my perspective as an autistic adult I can provide a unique viewpoint and insight into many play and arts related projects. Projects with a focus on inclusive play environments and/or diversifying and improving the play experience and opportunities of children are particularly relevant to my skill set.

I can provide advice and guidance at various stages of projects or act as an independent observer providing feedback, collecting qualitative data and/or analysis according to the aims and objectives of the work. This can take the form of written reports, facilitated feedback and reflective sessions or anything in-between. Evidencing and evaluation can be challenging, particularly in creative areas and I believe in working closely with the people doing the work to find a way to meet their specific needs.

Organisations I have worked with include East Lothian Play Association, Barrowland Ballet and Artlink Edinburgh.