About Max

Max is a play worker, artist and consultant who specialises in working with children and young people who are disabled and/or have additional support needs. Max has nine years experience working with this population across school, playground and community settings. Max is currently based in Scotland.

In his play and participatory practice Max uses playfulness and creativity to get to know the children and young people he works with so they can co-create meaningful, exciting and unique spaces and experiences. When working with practitioners across arts, play and educational sectors he works to find accessible and creative ways to share approaches to working these children and young people. Working in an open and reflective way is essential for Max and sharing practice and resources online through a mix of writing and creating visuals is a way of doing this. The Play Radical blog and website is one platform for this.

Outside of his practice working with children and young people Max is also a visual artist. As an autistic adult and artist this perspective is intrinsic to everything he does and access to play, arts and culture is a core passion and priority. Max attributes much of his joy, creativity and skill to his autistic brain.

When he’s not directly working with children and young people Max can be found talking, thinking and writing about play (or making drawings and messes in his studio.)

A photo of the author, a young-ish man smiling and looking at the camera. He’s wearing glasses, ear defenders and a bright orange t-shirt. The sun is shining behind him.
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