Training and Mentoring

I currently offer the workshops and training listed here as well as being able to deliver bespoke versions for your setting and needs. I am also available for online and in person talks around any of these subjects. Get in touch at to enquire about potential workshops, rates and availability.

I also offer one to one mentoring for artists and other practitioners in the arts and play space. This is a highly bespoke service and can look like a lot of different things but areas I can work with you on include participatory practice and process, making your practice accessible and inclusive for neurodivergent and/or disabled participants, incorporating play into your practice and developing sustainable and enjoyable practices as a neurodivergent artist.

I offer free training to Black and/or POC led organisations. Please feel get in touch if this is something your interested in. And, if your reading this and wondering why read more here.

“It’s such a pleasure to have a workshop facilitated with such kindness, care, vulnerability and joy”

– Participant in Training on Neurodivergent communication and connection

Creating Inclusive Play Spaces

This is a workshop aimed at anyone working with children and young people. The session explores what inclusion means and its relationship to accessibility, design and play. It introduces ideas and tools that you can use in your everyday practice to create more inclusive play spaces including exploration of a three part model to use in the process of facilitating play sessions and designing play spaces. The session emphasises an approach to inclusivity based on collaboration, reflexive practice and creativity. It’s about an Inclusion that isn’t a far-off ideology or something tokenistic, but something natural and joyful we can see on the playground every day.

Sensory Needs in the Play Space

This session explores facilitating and creating play spaces that are accessible to individuals sensory access needs. It includes exploration of what ‘sensory needs’ covers and mean, how the neurodivergent sensory experience can differ from a neurotypical one, how to reduce sensory barriers to access and how the play space can create a safe and positive experience for individuals to explore, understand and enjoy their sensory experience.

Neurodivergent Communication and Connection

A session looking at ways neurodivergent people might communicate and connect with others in ways that are accessible, meaningful and affirming. Designed to give frameworks and words to others exploring their neurodivergence as well as giving valuable insights to neurotypical people who love, support, work with or care for neurodivergent individuals.

Autistic Creativity and Play

A session looking at what autistic creativity and play can look like in action from a neurodiversity affirming and celebrating perspective. Designed to give frameworks and words to other autistic people to explore for themselves as well as give valuable insight to neurotypical and non-autistic people who love, support, work with or care for autistic individuals.

Call to Play

This is a workshop designed to get adults thinking about play. What it means to them and how bringing play into our daily lives can help us meet our emotional and sensory needs.

“Thank you everyone for this afternoon. I was so inspired by the training and feel like I learn a huge amount. Informative, clear, non-judgey, cutting edge, inclusive. All positives. I think everyone should do it.”

participant in training on inclusive play spaces
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