Consultant and Evaluator

Over the past three years I have worked with a number of organisations providing various consultancy and evaluation services. These organisations include Imaginate Children’s Festival, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, WHALE arts, Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, East Lothian Play Association and  The Yard Scotland.

My unique blend of skills and experience allows me to take a thorough, creative and accessible approach. My knowledge and experience includes six years working in the Play and Arts sectors and eight years working with disabled children and young people as well as my personal experience of being an autistic adult. I’m particularly suited to projects based in play and arts which are seeking to be inclusive of children and young people, in particular autistic and/or disabled children and young people.

I can provide advice and guidance at various stages of projects or act as an independent observer providing feedback, collecting qualitative data and/or analysis according to the aims and objectives of the work. This can take the form of written reports, facilitated feedback and reflective sessions or anything in-between. Evidencing and evaluation can be challenging, particularly in creative areas and I believe in working closely with the people doing the work to find a way to meet their specific needs.

I also design and facilitate creative consultancy sessions with children and young people. Here I use my skill in communicating complex ideas in accesible and varied ways alongside a playful approach to meaningfully consult with children and young people.

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