Here you can find links to various projects and organisations I’ve worked with in the past or am currently working with.

The words ‘east lothian play assoication’ in bright friendly blue font are at the bottom of the image with an abstracted logo above in bright colours which looks like 5 people raising their arms in a circle

East Lothian Play Association are a fantastic organisation providing and advocating for play opportunities for all children in East Lothian, Scotland. I’ve worked with them as both a consultant and play worker, primarily on their Loose Parts Play project. Learn more about them here:

A black outlined circle contains the words ‘Rumpus Room’ in a slightly wiggly black font. The two ‘O’s in room are eyes peering to the side. Their are colourful blobs in oranges, blues and yellows in the background

Rumpus Room is an artist led initiative based in Govanhill, Glasgow. They centre collaborative practice with children and young people. To play, learn and create together.

I worked with Rumpus Room as part of their “Playing for the future” residency with South London Gallery, you can read more about this work here

Photograph of an outdoors scene. Centre of the image a young child grins and looks at the camera whist crouched in a plastic trailer attached to a go kart. The go-kart is being driven by an adult with ‘The Yard’ written on the back of thir shirt. There is a wooden structure in the background and big foamy bubbles cover the floor.

The Yard Scotland provide Adventure Play opportunities for Disabled Children and Young people in Scotland I wrote a series of articles for the Yard about the play that happens there. Check them out at:

Photograph shows three very formally dressed performers lit with a dark background. The performer in the foreground sits in a wheelchair and is playign the bassoon. To the left a cellolist sits on a raised platform and too the right a perfromer stands behind a marimba with one beater raised.

Sound Symphony by Ellie Griffiths is a highly interactive sensory performance designed with young autistic sound seekers in mind. I’ve worked on this project as a trainer, consultant and evaluator. Learn more at:

Black serif text reads ‘Edinburgh Art Festival’. The text is staggered over five lines on a deep pink background

Edinburgh Art Festival are a visual arts organisation who produce a yearly festival and carry out engagement projects throughout the year. I collaborated with them on a project with the thistle foundation. Read about it here on there community engagement blog:

The words ‘The Socialites’ in a playful white font are at the centre of the image whilst a smiling young person stands proudly behind, hands on hips

I do ongoing work as an artist with Artlink Edinburgh and the Lothians on their project The Socialites. It’s a unique project which provides bespoke arts experience to young people with additional support needs. Learn more about the project here:

Black, inky text reads ‘Oily Cart’ in a handwritten style

Oily Cart Theatre Company create interactive and sensory shows which tour across the UK and internationally. They make shows for and with children and young people that aim to be inclusive and accessible to all.

I have worked with Oily Cart as a Creative Facillitator, trainer and contributing artist. Learn more about their work here:

Photograph of a foyer of a building. The focus is a neon blue sign which reads ‘WHALE learning centre’. The camera looks upwards to a second level balcony with a line of windows, black railings and some plants peeking through.

WHALE Arts is a community arts and cultural centre and social enterprise based in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh. They do a huge range of work across ages and groups of people. I’ve worked with them as youth worker and a freelance artist on their youth programmes. Learn more at

Imaginate develop, promote and celebrate theatre for children and young people in Scotland. They produce the Edinburgh International Children’s festival each year.

Birds of Paradise Theatre company are a disabled led Scotland based touring theatre company and development organisation.

I’ve worked as a consultant and creative facilitator in combination with these two innovative and exciting companies. Here’s a blog from Imaginate about some of that work-

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