A Playful Manifesto #1

Within any finite set of criteria there exist infinite ways of being.

In play we discover these, play is a space where we explore our possible selves, and how we relate to our environment and other people.

We learn to construct space for ourselves, we build, we destroy, we rebuild. Again and again and again. As we do this we start to see what our niche might look like. That space we can create to exist true and content. A way to move through the world.

Playing is a radical act.

We live in a society where our value is so often defined by what we ‘produce’ or ‘contribute’. Play is always a process and never driven by aims, or objectives, efficiency or products. So to give ourselves the permission to play we must recognise the inherent value we carry as individuals. A value that is not linked to what we say or do but simply exists. And so; play is an act of compassion, nurture and permission.

When we play we close the gap between “what we are trying to do” and “how we are doing it”. The gap which frustrates us, causes us to compromise, to stretch and bend in ways that feel not quite right. In play we are perhaps our most authentic selves.

A playful life is one that moves away from seeking happiness and towards experiencing joy.

Play is messy, risky and fun.

Play is colour, light and sound.

Play is taking space, creating space, sharing space

Play is playing chicken with your boundaries and fears.

Play is being with nature

Play is free but not always easy

Play is yours

and mine

and ours

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