Teaspoon- A Guided Sensory Exploration


A guided sensory exploration of a teaspoon

Take your spoon

Whatever your spoon is made from imagine that it was carved with human hands. No tools, just gently shaped over time.

Inspect the spoon; shape, colour, blemishes, texture, reflections, refractions and then bring a part of your body, perhaps a thumb, finger or chin to rest on the concave side.

Start to move that part of your body, across the inner surface.

Back and forth, round and round, you can settle into a rhythm if you find one.

Imagine your movement is shaping the spoon. Minute bits of material are falling away as you carve it into its Best Spoon Self.

The carving is done, now you’re going to polish the surface. Try to follow the surface exactly, applying as little pressure as you can whilst still moving your skin in contact with the spoon.

Take your spoon between two parts of your body, I’m going to use a finger on each hand. One at the tippity top and one at the tippity bottom.

Pick a point somewhere inbetween and start to move the spoon around that point. As you move try to hold the spoon as lightly as possible. As if you’re teaching it how to float.

If you drop the spoon the spoon will forgive you.

Now, bring the spoon to a vertical position. Move one end around in a circle. Try and match the speed of the spoon with the speed of your thoughts. If your thoughts are quicker than spoon moving capabilities, then try and slow them to match the speed of the spoon.

As the spoon moves pick something to pay attention to other than the movement, perhaps the light and reflections or the coolness of the spoon on your skin.  See if that is all you can pay attention too. See if the spoon keeps moving anyway. Start to slow the movement of the spoon and slowly make the circle smaller until the spoon is still.

Now you know your spoon its time to collaborate in an act of balance. Nose, forehead, cheek, chin, elbow, knee. Find a place to place your spoon and hold it there. To unlock ultimate spoon balancing joy hum and smile at the same time.

If you drop the spoon, the spoon will forgive you

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