Autistic Shape Making

This is what I’m currently calling my ongoing work in figuring out ways to describe, name, visualise and generally communicate autistic ways of being particularly autistic ways of playing, connecting and existing in our bodies.

This can look like creating and facilitating spaces for autistic people to explore this alongside each other and in collaboration. It can look like giving talks, mentoring other autistic and/or neurodivergent artists and working with artists creating theatre, dance and art works in collaboration with autistic people. It also looks like stimming, drawing and learning more about my own autistic body and mind.

Here are some blog posts that touch on these areas:

Playful Communication Part 3: Wordplay

Previously I’ve written about the importance of recognising and valuing different forms of communication and the need for us to allow for expressive as well as functional communication. In this piece I’m going to take a specific look at language as a form of expressive communication and in particular what this can look like in…

Autistic Nuances; A personal perspective

This month I wanted to write something a little different.April is a month of ‘Autism Awareness’ campaigns; the good, the bad and theconfusingly misguided. I am fully behind those who call for this month to beabout acceptance not awareness. I hope celebration will follow, and then, oneday, maybe our society and culture will function in…

Teaspoon- A Guided Sensory Exploration

Transcript: A guided sensory exploration of a teaspoon Take your spoon Whatever your spoon is made from imagine that it was carved with human hands. No tools, just gently shaped over time. Inspect the spoon; shape, colour, blemishes, texture, reflections, refractions and then bring a part of your body, perhaps a thumb, finger or chin…

I’m always open to finding more ways to learn, explore and connect in this.

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