Working Towards an Anti-Racist Practice (as a White Practitioner)

โ€œBeing antiracist results from a conscious decision to make frequent, consistent, equitable choices daily. These choices require ongoing self-awareness and self-reflection as we move through life. In the absence of making antiracist choices, we (un)consciously uphold aspects of white supremacy, white-dominant culture, and unequal institutions and society. Being racist or antiracist is not about whoContinue reading “Working Towards an Anti-Racist Practice (as a White Practitioner)”

Play Diary: Cups

Stackable re-usable paper or plastic cups are a favourite of mine to introduce into a space. Theyโ€™re recognisable but novel; especially in large numbers or unexpected contexts. Theyโ€™d be easy to dismiss but offer up endless possibilities. This play diary is made up of observations from various sessions where Iโ€™ve bought cups into the space.Continue reading “Play Diary: Cups”